Mobility and flexibility are key in acquiring and maintaining strength throughout your entire body. Reduce the possibilities of injury by focusing on whole body balance. Repetitive movements often utilized in weight training can create tight, stiff joints and muscles. Adding Yoga to your regimen will increase the range of motion which in turn increases power output. Lift heavier through flexibility!

Strength training isolates and targets all the larger, visible muscles. Yoga recruits all the smaller stabilizer muscles that weight training alone doesn’t reach. We’ve added Yoga to the mix at House of Fitness to not only place a dominant focus on strengthening those frequently ignored, yet equally as important muscles, but also to restore and lengthen the muscles that are often strained during weight training. This allows the whole body to realign and rebalance, expanding body awareness and self-control. All levels are welcome whether you are a yoga novice, or a committed yogi practitioner. Our classes will ignite feelings of restoration and rejuvenation, allowing you to fully rehabilitate both the body and the mind.

The concentrated breath work in Yoga practice is active, restorative recovery. Deep focused breath work ignites anti-stress mechanisms in the body. Reducing stress hormones raises metabolism!

Control, focus, rehab, recover…