Mat Pilates emphasizes the use of the core muscles while focusing on the connection between breath, body, and mind. You will be taken through a flow of floor exercises that support postural alignment, flexibility, and strengthening from the inside out. This is a great compliment to your HOF weight training classes because it will keep your strength gains in balance with your flexibility and supporting muscle groups. A body in balance will increase your overall fitness level, power and resiliency.

Industrial Fusion

Pilates meets weight training- Industrial Fusion is the perfect storm! We’ve mixed the Pilates method with the intensity and hard grind of today’s most revolutionary workout styles! Your core muscles will be screaming while adding the non-stop intensity of plyometrics, strength training, and cardio. Like Pilates you will stay mindful of postural alignment, flexibility, and the mind-body connection but in the true HOF form: faster, heavier, and much sweatier!