• Because here at House of Fitness, you can.
    You CAN hold that run for one more mile.
    You CAN hit that 15 second sprint just one more time.
    You CAN fire up every ounce of strength to climb that last hill.
    We know you can. And we’ll prove it.

Indoor Cycling Classes

At House of Fitness we are confident that our Indoor Cycling classes will elevate you to a whole new level of fitness. Our incredible instructors are dedicated to providing unique and motivating rides guaranteed to push your limits, challenge your mental and physical strength, and help you destroy those voices in your head that make you think you can’t.

Burn Calories

Each of our 45 minute classes are specially designed to burn over 800 calories per ride! Cycling is a fun and effective way to increase agility, heart function, lung capacity, and muscle stamina. By building a strong aerobic base, this type of cardio exercise trains the body to prefer fat as its predominant source of fuel. This leads to a higher calorie expenditure! Increased mood, energy levels, and metabolism are just added bonuses!

Improve Cardiovascular Strength

Cycling is a high intensity aerobic exercise, and aerobic exercise can put added stress on the heart. The good news: as you gain physical strength, so does your heart! To help our cyclists improve their cardiovascular strength our facility utilizes the MyZone system! Cyclists who wear these heart rate monitors can keep track of performance, heart rate, and calorie expenditure while pedaling through rough terrain in one of our challenging cycling classes! Stop by the front desk to purchase one!

Gain Muscle Tone

A cyclist’s strength is gained through muscle endurance (or cardio strength) from performing repeated muscle contractions over a long period of time while pushing a high resistance load. Or in other words: fast pedal strokes with heavy weight! Our spin classes are guaranteed to challenge both core and leg strength! Battling steep climbs and arduous rolling hills will help develop muscle strength AND definition. We want you to walk out of here feeling stronger than when you walked in the door!

Build Endurance

Cycling requires a great deal of endurance and building endurance comes with amazing health benefits! Developing a strong aerobic base improves heart and lung function, enhances respiratory efficiency, strengthens the immune system, and promotes efficient fat metabolism so you feel energized after a class and not fatigued! As you train in the endurance zone, your body will learn to crave fat as its main fuel source. Therefore, the stronger your endurance base, the high your metabolism will climb, and the more calories you will burn!