Fit Pro Challenge December 2015

Challenge for December 2015

Congrats to all our participants in the November Burpee Challenge.

Rizala Carrington: 24 burpees (12″ box)
Sasan Mirtorabi: 24 burpees (no box)
Lynn Grady: 28 burpees (no box)
Vishal Patel: 20 burpees (no box)
Nick Vierra: 32 burpees (no box)
Jacqueline Sayyah: 29 burpees (6″ box)
Aileen Romero: 30 burpees (no box)

Congratulations Aileen Romero, you kicked butt! Please see Michael for you prize!

Circuit Challenge!!

This one is simple, not easy.

Three exercises:

10 TRX body weight rows
15 Jumping squats

Do this circuit for 3 rounds and time yourself. Post you time on the board above the water fountains.