Drinking and Your Health

Celebrating 2016

If your going to drink, Avoid Binge Drinking

Cocktails? Beer? Wine? Most of us will beimbibingduring the Holidays and in some cases drinking too much and regretting it the next day. So, how can you avoid drinking too much during the Holidays? Here are some easy tricks:

1. Set a limit and stick to it

Before you head out to a party or social event, set a limit on how many drinks you will have. Stay strictly within that limit and don’t let temptation or peer pressure sway you. If there is going to be a toast, include that drink in your number of drinks allowed.

2. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Sometimes at parties or events drinks happen first and then the food arrives. Keep some almonds or a protein bar in your car so you can have a little snack before you arrive and don’t forget to drink a glass of water in between drinks.

3. Select social venues wisely

Places to avoid:

*Anywhere that offers pitchers.
*Places that keep refilling your glass.
*Places that don’t offer good nonalcoholic choices.

Places to consider:

*Places that offer healthy drinks which are still a treat, such as pressed juices.
*Places that offer reasonably priced nonalcoholic drinks.
*Places were there is something to do other than drink, for example, a cafe that provides live music.

4. Ignore peer pressure

Don’t feel like you have to keep up with the drinking of others. Don’t allow anyone to persuade you take another drink – change the subject or make an excuse to leave the conversation (wheres the rest room?) or use one of my favorite excuses “I’m taking medication right now, can’t drink”.

5. Re-gift alcoholic gifts

Alcohol can be a go to gift for people that don’t know what you want. One way to avoid this is simply letting people know you are quitting or cutting down on alcohol. If you still receive that gift, re-gift it to someone who would enjoy it.