Are you ready to take your fitness to a level you never imagined? Are you starting out fresh having never really been to the gym? Has work or life taken over and now it’s time for you to get fit? If either of these pertain to you then 1 on 1 personal training is your ticket. This is as good as it gets, from assessments, to program design, to motivation, to training, to corrective exercises you will have an experienced fitness professional with you every step of the way. Getting started is easy. Simply schedule an assessment with our Director of Training and get ready to transform. See more about our trainers here.


Want to get into the best shape of your life? Having a personal trainer has statistically shown to get you that beach body you’ve always wanted. Our small group personal training sessions can be scheduled every hour on the hour and with up to 5 people per session, it has a built in community of like minded individuals ready to help drive you. Our coaches will motivate you by setting goals and keeping you accountable to those goals with monthly measurements and quarterly assessments. We not only help you by delivering the best exercises in the industry but we will help to educate you with nutrition counseling, so you’re giving your body the proper fuel it needs to get fit. Getting started is easy. Simply schedule an assessment with our Director of Training and get ready to transform.


House Of Fitness has been delivering ‘The Best Workout in Culver City since 2013’. Monitor your heart rate in the burn zone during one of our workouts that combine cardio, interval training, and weight training. We utilize kettle bells, dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX, med balls, rowers, treadmills, bikes plus more. Our classes are known to burn up to 1,000 calories and help boost your metabolism up to 36hrs after. The workouts target specific muscle groups to keep the class changing every time. Our trainers will boost your energy with a great playlist, reinforce a positive mindset while pushing you past your mental and physical barriers. Signing up is easy. Just click here to get started. Once you book your class, you are on your way the the newer, better you! We’ll see you at the club!

Indoor Cycle

At HOF our Indoor Cycling classes are specifically designed to provide a unique, and energizing workout experience catered to benefit motivated riders of all fitness levels. Each of our classes are carefully organized to merge different components from the endurance, strength, interval, and recovery energy zones. You will learn to master cadence building, resistance loading, as well as how to monitor your heart rate levels. For 45 minutes you will be submerged into a high intensity, adrenaline driven atmosphere where you will face challenging climbs, endure heart-pounding sprints, and brave through thrilling interval drills, all while pedaling to the beats of your favorite artists and DJs. Our goal is to motivate, inspire, and challenge you with a fun and exciting class that is not only daring and ambitious, but will have you walking away feeling confident, satisfied, and eager for more! Your bike Schwinn Carbon Blue bike is waiting for you.


HOF is pleased to offer a proven, simple program which meets weekly for weigh-ins, implements the necessary behavior changes and helps make sense of the madness of dieting. This will be your opportunity to build a foundation of motivation, knowledge and accountability. Don’t let mistaken nutrition and lifestyle choices rob you of your goals. End the confusion with nutrition coaching. Get to know the foods that will help you stay healthier, trim body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Along with guidance, accountability and support, your HOF coach will create a personalized lifestyle, nutrition plan that is as simple to follow as it is satisfying. Accountability is THE most important factor when it comes to weight loss success!


Strength training isolates and targets all the larger, visible muscles. Yoga recruits all the smaller stabilizer muscles that weight training alone doesn’t reach. We’ve added Yoga to the mix at House of Fitness to not only place a dominant focus on strengthening those frequently ignored, yet equally as important muscles, but also to restore and lengthen the muscles that are often strained during weight training. This allows the whole body to realign and rebalance, expanding body awareness and self-control. All levels are welcome whether you are a yoga novice, or a committed yogi practitioner. Our classes will ignite feelings of restoration and rejuvenation, allowing you to fully rehabilitate both the body and the mind.